My passion for photography

Photography is the passion of my life. I always admired the beauty of transformation that photography has. A photo has the power to transform what we see as “now” into what is “forever”. It has the essence to capture moments and feelings through the snapshots and flashes, transforming them into poetry.

I regard the photographer a poet of light. Through my camera I not only reveal why I enjoy my work, but that essence is a fundamental part of it in every photo I click. I feel that I can own the world when I have a camera in my very hands.

Someone once told me that being a photographer is the same as to be a “super-hero” because it giver others the opportunity to travel around the world without moving from where we are. In photography I have found the beauty and simplicity of life. The reason why I love to photograph is that I experience freedom and the feeling that I am myself. I have a unique perspective or very many at the same time.

I have found in photography the best way to express my vision of the world together with all its beauty and simplicity: what I feel when I photograph nature, what I feel when I photograph scenery, what I feel when I photograph architectural angles, what I feel with the beauty of black and white, what I feel with the beauty and nostalgia of sepia, what I feel with the contrast of the effect “color splash”.

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe that I have ever been to. The most beautiful one, not to mention otherwise, its bounteous tradition and culture. In august, 2009, I spent a period of 30 days in France, the best ones of the year 2009. Paris is an inspiring city, with its natural scenery, its culture its language, its wonderful architecture also known as the world’s fashion city, and its tradition in photography. It is very easy to fall in love with Paris, especially a photography’s lover.

Considering from what I have seen and from what I have searched about Spéos, besides being an internationally prestigious school, it has a great tradition in forming keen professionals. I could not impede myself to choose such a traditional school with a great name and proved quality.

The passion I have for photography is the passion I have for life. When people see me work they say I have talent. But I go far beyond that. When I contemplate my work, the pictures I take, I sort of look deeply into my soul.