I want it all

You know… I was thinking today about the last thing I said to my (ex) boyfriend when we broke up: “you’ll never find someone like me“. I shouldn’t have said that: first, because it was arrogant, and second, because I was the one doing the break up. And two weeks ago (from today) I learnt that he’s dating. That caught me totally by surprised, but then I got thinking that is good that he’s dating and seeing what’s out there. Not because I’m still thinking I’m the best he can get, not at all (I’m not that arrogant, not anymore rsrs). It’s just that I’ve given myself to him body and soul and wasn’t appreciated.

This particular situation, not be appreciated when you are a 100% in a relationship, is what’s making women cautious and colder, more like men, thinking about meaningless sex and men as objects.

A month ago I met a guy, nice guy, not too pretty but really nice. He tried really hard to impress me, and after the sex he kept calling. Tons of voice messages and callings. I ditched him because the sex was bad and he had a small penis.

Size matters to me.

I want it all… I want a guy that likes and respects me and is good in bed. Yeah… just that. Simple.

I had two big relationships in my life. One lasted three years and a half with a guy that loved and respected me, but was a nightmare in bed. The other lasted 10 months and the sex was amazing, but he was a dick. If only I good combine the best qualities of them.

I don’t know if I feel satisfied with half of one or the other.

Women have accomplished a lot of things so far. The right we gave to ourselves to act like a men is one of them. We’re ambitious, we want it all. But where’s the limit?


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